About NK

About Navin Kejriwal

“Marketing without design is lifeless, and design without marketing is mute.” The duo Ar. Aditya Agrawal and Navin Kejriwal an exporter from Delhi, had one thing in common i.e. being devoted to delivering excellence in design, and work to provide solutions that jointly satisfy the needs of people which made them join hands with each in 2018 and decided to take OCA India to a position of national and international prominence.

His position with Ar. Aditya reflects the firm’s forward focus on the sustained growth of revenues and on the extension of our reach into new markets. Before joining hands with AA, he completed his graduation in Business Studies and then started his export business in Hongkong, Dubai, and Singapore dealing in wooden products. Having dynamic PR skills, he has a track record of creating a spirit of community service and strong culture in the companies and organizations he is associated with.