About AA

About Aditya Agarwal

“Marketing without design is lifeless, and design without marketing is mute.” The duo Ar. Aditya Agrawal and Navin Kejriwal an exporter from Delhi, had one thing in common i.e. being devoted to delivering excellence in design, and work to provide solutions that jointly satisfy the needs of people which made them join hands with each in 2018 and decided to take OCA India to a position of national and international prominence.

Ar. Aditya Agrawal as a designer by passion and entrepreneur by birth decided to break away from the norms of being only an architect and has successfully created buildings and interiors cherished and loved by all his clients. Completing his post graduation (M.Arch) from the University of Melbourne, Aditya had the vision of creating spaces which invite perception so that space becomes personal, owned by all the visitors as they interact with each other and the surrounding architecture. Having diverse knowledge of hospitality, mixed-use, higher education, office, and high-end luxury residential, he has completed over 175 projects.