Area 4,500 Sqft
Client Mr Akshay Agrawal
Location Indore (M.P.)
Status Completed in 2019
Photography Balwant Alawa

Recently completed “ Double Sided House” in India’s cleanest city sits on a small 1650 sqft plot where a client had very high expectations for their 4 bedroom house.
Designed with common spaces on Ground Floor & family spaces on FF with bedrooms taking the SF to ensure the large sizes of each space and exploiting the 2 sided road for day-long light & ventilation.
Interior spaces are blended with finishes like poly-coat, the metal used with wood, natural stone cladding’s, leafing finished on customized 3D panels to give the super luxe look which OCA India always boosts off.
Designed for a family of 4, the house is a perfect example of a luxury home with easy to maintain spaces.
Our Bespoke products are used to add on the sparkle in the decor and the final outcome is super satisfactory for both clients & Us !!