Sahil Empire

Area 1,600 Sqft
Client Mrs Anju Modi
Location Indore (M.P.)
Status Completed in 2019
Photography Balwant Alawa

1600 sqft 3bhk apartment designed for mother & son who had left their lavish home in Mhow and wanted to shift to indore for son’s studies.
Our biggest challenge was to complete the apartment in their tight budget in the given time frame of 2 months and also make sure the luxury of a lavish house is achieved in a small space.
We designed everything in muted tones in contemporary styles smartly using texture finishes, veneer & soft-touch up with wallpapers and furniture which fulfilled their extra storage needs.
This was one project where we did not have the luxury of lavish budget but we designed in a way that both lavishness and luxurious look is achieved through our signature Interior style.