Area 7,800 Sqft
Client Mr. Prakash Jethwani
Location Indore (M.P.)
Status Completed in 2014

Gone are the days when luxury was only confined to a select few livings in the metros of India. However, now the two-tier cities are also aspiring for trendy and luxurious lifestyle.
This bungalow has been designed for Mr, Prakash and his two sons.
The ground plus two storied home spread over an area of 6,400 sq.ft., has been divided into two parts.The first part has 3,200 sqft of structural built-up where as the other half has a huge garden space for entertaining guests.
The splash of color has been introduced through cushions, art and accessories.
On the whole the design team has defied luxury without being ostentatious and has given each room a distinct character.