Welcome To OCA

OCA is an Architectural and Interior Design Consultancy Firm located at INDORE in MADHYA PRADESH. The Firm was established in 2008 by Ar. Aditya Agrawal after his successful post graduation (M.Arch) from University of Melbourne with the aim of bringing the latest trends in the fields of Architecture, Interior Design, Project Planning and Construction Management to Central India. Through the efficient application of advanced technology and techniques, our young and dynamic team aims to always provide our clients with a feasible solution to any type of design requirement that they may have.

OCA Design philosophy is simple “Design is a process of discovery, When it comes to Architecture & Interior Design simplicity is the ultimate sophistication “. Team at OCA is so passionately involved in their work that they always aim to create personalized design solution that fulfill the client’s desired lifestyle and budget.

OCA' team comprises of a bunch bubbling young talents constantly pushing the envelope of creativity who hails from diverse disciplines of architecture and interior design. The firm's contextual approach to work looks at sustainability through the multiple lenses of cultural, social and environmental impact.

An unparallel dedication of Quality Professionalism together with high Level of Customer Services is the Key to its expanding Clientele. Such Dedication is extended through the Creation of fine Architectural & Interior works where a thorough understanding of MATERIALS, DESIGN, CONSTRUCTION TECHNIQUES provide each project both Aesthetic Beauty and premium Quality at the same time giving the Client 100% work satisfaction. We stand unique on the basis of the design ideas to all kinds of interiors be it commercial, retail, residential etc.

About MD

An entrepreneur by birth, architect by mind and Interior Designer by heart is what Aditya Agrawal is all about. For Ar. Aditya, design is not about traditional or modern styles, but an aesthetic blend of both approaches. As the Founder and Chief Architect of “OCA”, Aditya has mastered the art of blending various influences to provide a distinctive yet pluralistic design language. His focus has also been in bringing sustainability into architecture. His fusion capability has led to several great masterpiece works due to which “OCA” is one of the leading establishments in Indore catering to architectural and interior designing solutions.